History of the
Institut de Physiatrie

History of the Institut de Physiatrie

More than 50 years of experience

The Institut de Physiatrie du Québec (IPQ) was inaugurated in 1991, but its roots go deeper—back to the oldest physiatry clinic in Quebec, the Centre de Physiatrie Sherbrooke (CPS), founded in 1969 by physiatrists at Hôpital Notre-Dame.

The CPS was relocated at the end of the 1980s due to the expansion of the medical team, the increasing variety of medical and paramedical services as well as the significant development in research. The current building, located at 2049 Sherbrooke East, was acquired in 1989 and has been fully renovated to become the largest, most modern physiatry clinic in Quebec and in Canada, not to mention one of the most prestigious clinics in Montréal. The CPS was rebaptized as the Institut de Physiatrie du Québec to reflect its desire to provide high-quality care and to participate fully in the development of the specialty.

In 1998, the Institut opened a centre dedicated to treatments using fluoroscopic guidance. Given the development of new technologies and the growing demand for our services, three more rooms were added in 2004, 2008 and 2014. In 2010, the Institut set up a department focusing on diagnostic ultrasound and injections under ultrasound guidance.

The Institut remains to this very day the leading physiatry centre in the province of Quebec. Over the years, the addition of three clinics overseen by the IPQ has enabled a tremendous number of clients to receive the right treatment for their condition.


The three other service points are the Centre de Physiatrie Val des Arbres in Laval, founded in 1985 and considered a veritable institution on Montréal’s North Shore; the Clinique de Physiatrie de la Rive-Sud in Saint-Lambert, founded in 1979 and the oldest physiatry clinic on Montréal’s South Shore, which merged with the IPQ in 2016; and the Centre d’Interventions Spinales (CIS), founded in 2018. The latter is a private physiatry centre that provides rapid access to basic and specialized spinal procedures after a consultation with a physiatrist and an anesthesiologist. To better serve our clientele, two private branches were opened: one in Montréal and the other in Laval.

The IPQ also offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in which physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation specialists work with private, SAAQ, CNESST and RAMQ (aged 65 and older) clientele.

Today, the Institut de Physiatrie du Québec and its service points include

  • 20 Physiatrists
  • 1 Anesthesiologist
  • 1 Plastic surgeon
  • 1 Neurosurgeon
  • 60 Employees